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 It's not new wave or old wave, it's "indie."
 You know, the new trend; bring back rock n' roll... I hear enough of it
here... trust me.

Regardless; that is what I meant about the whole soundtrack affecting people
who have never been to Japan and like the film... I have many, many (I
should say countless) friends who think that this film is a modern
masterpiece.. Why? Because the music appeals to them. Coppola knew what she
was doing.

And I think that the songs were just picked for that appeal; the fact that
they appeal to subculture audiences in the "West" and in Japan... it's a
winning combination, really.

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> > what did others think of the choice of songs in the
> > film?
> >
> it is rather odd that all the western incidental music
> is contemporary but the few japanese selections were
> rather dated. ...happy end? that was like putting the
> beatles on the breakfast club soundtrack...
> so what we have is japan in the 70's
> the characters stuck in the 80's
> and the incidental soundtrack songs up to date with
> turn of the century electronica... ( air,
> squarepusher, new kevin shields - which is sort of
> 80's and 00's at the same time)
> i cant remember the context of the happy end song...
> does anyone know?
> xe
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