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Well, this isn't the first movie that made it on the merits of its
soundtrack. Movies like the Big Chill come to mind. I'm sure that
Coppola thought hard about what would appeal to her target audience and
less about how it logically fit in the film's time period. Overall, I
thought the selections were effective in that they are mostly tunes that
everyone knows although I'm not running out and buying the soundtrack.


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 It's not new wave or old wave, it's "indie."
 You know, the new trend; bring back rock n' roll... I hear enough of it
here... trust me.

Regardless; that is what I meant about the whole soundtrack affecting
who have never been to Japan and like the film... I have many, many (I
should say countless) friends who think that this film is a modern
masterpiece.. Why? Because the music appeals to them. Coppola knew what
was doing.

And I think that the songs were just picked for that appeal; the fact
they appeal to subculture audiences in the "West" and in Japan... it's a
winning combination, really.

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> >
> > what did others think of the choice of songs in the
> > film?
> >
> it is rather odd that all the western incidental music
> is contemporary but the few japanese selections were
> rather dated. ...happy end? that was like putting the
> beatles on the breakfast club soundtrack...
> so what we have is japan in the 70's
> the characters stuck in the 80's
> and the incidental soundtrack songs up to date with
> turn of the century electronica... ( air,
> squarepusher, new kevin shields - which is sort of
> 80's and 00's at the same time)
> i cant remember the context of the happy end song...
> does anyone know?
> xe
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