Film director arrested

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Fri Apr 16 14:21:05 EDT 2004

--- Aaron Gerow <gerowaaron at> wrote:

> By the way, can anyone think of any other Japanese
> directors who were 
> arrested? There's of course Kamei Fumio during the
> war, but any others?

Good question.  Does Shintaro Katsu count (he had at
least one film under his belt)?  I seem to recall he
had some trouble with the law, but don't remember if
he was arrrested or not.  Perhaps those involved in
the student movements during the late '60s or early
'70s?  Maybe Koji Wakamatsu?  Hmmmmmmmmm...

Most recent propaganda (updated when I remember):

"As the movie industry becomes more like the merchandising industry, the book business becomes more like the movie industry.  There's more pressure.  I think it's very difficult to be a young writer today.  I fear that young writers, after one or two books, will disappear the way young film directors do."  --Don DeLillo

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