Nippon Connection - Japanese Film Festival in Frankfurt am Main

Ulrich Plate plate
Thu Apr 8 07:32:44 EDT 2004

They were not exactly forthcoming about this year's "Nippon Connection"
festival in Frankfurt am Main, but some information is finally available
only. They've got 22 films to show from 14 to 18 April in Frankfurt, at
the festival centre on the Johann Wolfgang Goethe University campus,
with plans to bring selected movies from the festival to partner events
in Leipzig and Barcelona later this month. Here's a list of the titles,
some more information can be found below
(English version here:

9 Souls
A Laughing Frog
A Lunch Box
Bokunchi ? My House
Dead End Run
Fireflies: River of Light
Gakincho Rock
Jam Films
Jam Films 2
Josee, the Tiger and the Fish
Love Collage
Moon Child
The Thirteen Steps
Tokyo Godfathers
Wild Berries
Ying-Yang Master 2
Yoshino?s Barber Shop

Ulrich Plate

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