If you could see any classic film on the big screen subtitled...

xen on xenone23
Thu Apr 8 18:03:19 EDT 2004

in these strange days...
it would be interesting to see battle royale one and two on a double bill in US multiplex and school auditoriums...
but since that is probably never going to happen, it would be nice to see wakamatsu's red army/pflp, simply because ive never seen it and fukasaku's 'under a fluttering military flag' simply because i have...

Jason Gray <loaded_films at yahoo.co.jp> wrote:
Dear List Members,

I'd like to ask all of you what classic Japanese film
you'd like to see on the big screen with English
subtitles? No need to strictly define "classic" -- trust
your own judgment. Of course any genre is okay. One or two
titles with perhaps a short explanation is fine.

Thank you!

Jason Gray

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