Seppuku drainer
Fri Apr 9 05:51:49 EDT 2004

 I wasn't even aware that it was out on DVD here. I'll check it out...
indeed it is an amazing film... I was first introduced to it in a film class
and I have to say that is one of my favorite films as well. The narrative,
the structure, the cinematography, composition -- look at what is being
produced NOW and look at this 40 year old film....


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> Kobayashi's Seppuku (Harakiri) is an amazing film.
> Although my viewing over the years has a lot of gaps, this
> is surely one of the best Japanese films (and films in
> general) I've seen.
> Richard's point about Japanese subs is a good one. We've
> probably all complained at one point about the lack of
> English subs on most domestic DVDs, but they don't even
> come with Japanese subtitles in most cases -- denying
> hearing impaired viewers. For non-Japanese viewers who can
> understand the language to various degrees, Japanese subs
> can definitely help when dialogue is hard to catch.
> JG

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