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On 2004.4.21, at 03:47 ??, Alex Zahlten wrote:

> By the way, does anyone know who actually runs the JMD and how the 
> collect
> their information- that is do they rely on EIREN or compile information
> themselves? I've asked around quite a bit, but no one seems to know.

The man who runs it is Nomura Yusuke, a fellow who seems to be active 
on the net in a number of places such as Aozora Bunko (he did the 
inputting for the Yamanaka Sadao and Terada Torajiro texts there). 
Beyond that, I don't know anything about him, though most people sing 
his praises considering how he has created an immensely valuable 
database all by himself. But the fact he has had to do it all by 
himself--and thus that there are thus mistakes in the database--only 
reminds us how much the institutions that should be doing this--such as 
the Film Center--are not.

My impression is that Nomura largely relies on KineJun shokai, which 
give you a largely complete set of cast and credits for all non-pink 
films released in the year. But it's clear he has to be supplementing 
it with other material: the KineJun shokai do not include pink films, 
but Nomura does, and some of his records are more detailed than the 
KineJun shokai. I imagine he combines records from Eiga nenkan or other 
industry publications with theater pamphlets and other distributor 

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