They All Look Alike

Mitch Cullin fpunk
Mon Aug 30 17:10:17 EDT 2004

Good point, Tim.  It is "acting" after all.  Still,
can't quite get worked up about MEMOIRS, either. 
However, I did love the tap-dancing at the end of
ZATOICHI, but for reasons that are best describe as

--- tim.iles at wrote:

> All issues of "authenticity" and "name recognition"
> aside (which have been
> quite interesting from a film-industry point of
> view), I wonder whether
> one of the challenges for an actor as an actor isn't
> just this sort of
> thing--convincingly playing a character from a
> different ethnic
> background. The theatre director Suzuki Tadashi
> wrote in _Engeki to wa
> nani ka_ (if I recall correctly) that seeing an
> actor actually cry on
> stage just wasn't acting--the trick is for a
> dry-eyed actor to make you
> believe s/he's really crying. Having a non_Japanese
> actor effectively
> portray a Japanese character is one of the
> interesting bits in the
> performance. 
> On the other hand I can't get worked up about seeing
> _Memoirs_ at
> all--because of the source, subject matter, and
> people involved.
> The remarks about _Zatoichi_ were quite interesting,
> too--I was
> disappointed by the last ten minutes, to the point
> of losing what respect
> I'd had for the rest of the film. Asano Tadanobu was
> good, Kitano was
> amusing, the sword-play wasn't _that_ bad--but that
> tap dance sequence
> was just embarrassing... Oy gevalt what was he
> thinking...!

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