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Thu Mar 4 06:30:48 EST 2004

there are several directions, and assuming a low budget approach:

working with DVDs or predigitized material, on the PC, there is a huge 
range of free software which handles subtitling and sound... in fact it is 
a confusing mass, but with several standouts. A good hobby site is

If you work with a mac, then of course iMovie [for DV] and the editing 
capacities of Quicktime Pro [good with quicktime, but no good with avi or 
mpeg formats] are good simple cheap solutions. It is easy to add an extra 
sound track, or import a text file to make subtitles, in QTPro... check the 
tutorials in the Quicktime section at Apple's site.

on the PC, it is relatively easy to digitize VHS tapes these days with 
external boxes or what they call "PVR"s, as internal cards... in fact many 
3d graphics cards sold now have the added capacity to digitize video from a 
VHS.  All come bundled with simple editing software with gaudy interfaces 
that do the trick. You would be editing mpeg or avi.

video is not rocket science, but it is still confusing.


At 05:01 PM 3/3/2004 -0500, you wrote:
>Dear Kinejapan,
>I wonder if anyone has formed preferences nowadays on software for 
>uploading and manipulating video, in particular subtitling and 
>soundtrack?   What is barebones capable?  Are there more expensive 
>programs worth the money?  Mac or PC is okay.
>J. Murphy
>Univ. of Florida
>Gainesville, FL 32601, USA

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