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Tue Mar 9 19:36:21 EST 2004

Hello. I am a Japanese film fan living in Nova Scotia Canada. I am a one of those quiet 
people who listens and rarely comments. 
	Recently two films have come into my possession on video tape purporting to have 
been directed by Hiroshi Shimizu in 1932 and 1933. The titles are SEVEN SEAS which is 
in two parts – Part one subtitled “Virgin” and Part two “Virtue”.. These films are silent. The 
second film also from 1933 is called NAKINURETA HANU NO ONNA though a friend 
suggest that HANU could be HANA. This fill has sound in fact much singing and a ship 
board location. Both have the Shockiku label at the front and are unsubtitled.
	I wonder if anyone has heard of either of these films? Are they indeed by Shimizu?

	Thank You


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