Are These Shimizu's Films

Roland Domenig roland.domenig
Wed Mar 10 03:33:07 EST 2004

yes, both films (or all three if you wnat) were directed by shimizu hiroshi..
the first one, NANATSU NO UMI SHOJO-HEN (part one) and NANATSU NO UMI
TEISO-HEN (part two), is based on a novel by the then very popular writer
maki itsuma, and was shot in 1931. part 1 was released in december 1931,
part 2 followed in march 1932.
the correct title of the second film is NAKINURETA HARU NO ONNA YO. it was
shimizu's 86th film and his first 'talkie', i.e. complete sound film (he had
experienced with sound in previous films, but he didn't use sound throughout
the films). the film was released in june 1933.
both films were made for shochiku's kamata-studios.

roland domenig
institute of east asian studies
vienna university 

> Hello. I am a Japanese film fan living in Nova Scotia Canada. I am a one of
> those quiet people who listens and rarely comments.
> Recently two films have come into my possession on video tape purporting to
> have been directed by Hiroshi Shimizu in 1932 and 1933. The titles are
> SEVEN SEAS which is in two parts: Part one subtitled ?Virgin? and Part two
> ?Virtue?.. These films are silent. The second film also from 1933 is called
> NAKINURETA HANU NO ONNA though a friend suggest that HANU could be HANA.
> This fill has sound in fact much singing and  a ship board location. Both
> have the Shockiku label at the front and are unsubtitled.
> I wonder if anyone has heard of either of these films? Are they indeed by
> Shimizu?
> Thank You
> Glynford

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