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Markus & Kine-Japanners:

Just to clarify Markus' message,  our OZU RETROSPECTIVE will be underway
during the Modern Japan History Workshop at Harvard on April 9-10 and the
films to be screened on those days are:

4/9:  7:00pm  "Walk Cheerfully" (Hogaraka ni Ayume, 1930)
       9:00pm  "An Inn in Tokyo"  (Tokyo no Yado, 1935)

4/10  7:00pm  "The Only Son" (Hitori Musuko, 1936)
        9:00pm  "What did the Lady Forget?" (Shukujo wa Nani o Wasuretaka,
(All Ozu films will be screened at the Harvard Film Archive in Carpenter
Center, 24 Quincy St., Cambridge.  For further details, visit the Harvard
Film Archive website at  )

NOTE that Shinoda Masahiro will not be at Harvard during the April Modern
Japan History Workshop.
He will be be coming in May.  He'll come to Cambridge (May 11-16) under
joint sponsorship of the Japan Society of Boston and the Reischauer
Institute of Japanese Studies at Harvard; at Harvard he'll speak in
connection with the Ozu series, and also show his own films: "Double
Suicide" and the new "Spy Sorge."  He'll also show "Spy Sorge" at Yale on
May 11.

Peter Grilli

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  Note that Ozu films and Shinoda will be in town during this----as Peter
pointed out----and that it's looking like Aaron will be giving a talk on Ozu
along with Alex Dudden and John Treat. Sounds great!


  From Andrew Gordon:

  The spring round of the Modern Japan History Workshop will be held at
Harvard University this coming April 10, at the Central Square outpost and
temporary home of the Reischauer Institute of Japanese Studies (2nd floor,
635 Massachusetts Avenue, right at the Central Square "T" station).  Details
on housing arrangements are below and attached.

  As always, the focus is on informality and discussion and brief
presentations, rather than on formal or lengthy research presentations.  Our
goal is to generate and exchange ideas, and facilitate contact among the
extended community of modern Japan historians in the northeast.

  The morning session, 9:30 am to noon, will focus on the practice of
"cultural studies" of modern Japanese history, with particular focus on the
recently published 10 volume Iwanami Koza series, Kindai Nihon no Bunka Shi.
The editor of the volume, Kojima-san, is coming from Japan and will start
the discussion with his thoughts on the creation and the reception of this
project.  Others who have contributed to the volume-Victor Koschmann, Greg
Pfugfelder, and Naoki Sakai-will offer thoughts, and as time allows I may
say a few words about Yoshimi Shunya's contributions, before opening a
general discussion of the potentials (or limitations) of the scholarship
represented in this series, and other related or similar work.  I will
shortly send out as attachment a file containing copies of the table of
contents of each volume, so all can be at least somewhat familiar with the

  The afternoon session, 2-4:30, will focus on film, history, and
literature, for several reasons.  One, Harvard is hosting director Shinoda
Masahiro to show his classic Double Suicide" on May 14 and this recent "Spy
Sorge" on May 16.  In addition, we are all somewhat familiar with the
current "flood" of Japan-themed and Japan-located films from Hollywood and
elsewhere (Australia, France, at least).  Third, and most immediate, the
Harvard Film Archive is showing a complete Ozu retrospective-36 films in
all-starting on April 2 through May 11.  On Friday the 9th, just before our
workshop, two films will be shown: Walk Cheerfully (Hogoraka ni Ayume), and
An Inn in Tokyo (Tokyo no Yado), at 7 and 9 pm.  Scheduled for Saturday
night, the 10th, are "The Only Son" (Hitori Musuko) at 7 and "What did the
Lady Forget" (Shukujo wa nani o wasureta ka) at 9.  All are released
originally between 1930 and 1937.  The first two are silent, the second two
are talkies.  You are all welcome to attend these films (at Carpenter Center
on the Harvard campus.

  With this in mind, we hope to have three brief presentations on approaches
to Japanese film in general, Ozu in particular, from the perspectives of
film studies, literary studies, and historical studies.   Tentative speakers
will be Aaron Gerow, John Treat, and Alexis Dudden.
  To facilitate planning for lunch and dinner, if you are planning to
attend, please send a brief note to Ms. Margot Chamberlain, at
chamber2 at, by April 2.

  As you know, the workshop is a low budget operation.  The host school
cannot cover transportation or lodging costs.  However, we can subsidize
group lunch and dinner on the 10th, and we will do our best to find housing
for graduate students from out-of-town in the rooms of local students.  If
you are a graduate student and you wish housing for either or both nights
(April 9th, 10th), please RSVP to Ms. Margot Chamberlain, at
chamber2 at with your name and contact information.  Margot
will work with our graduate students to place people.  In addition, I attach
a list of local accommodations, from B&B to the finest hotels.

  Looking forward to an interesting day and to seeing many of you.

  Andrew Gordon

  * * * * * * * *

  A Friendly Inn
  1673 Cambridge St.
  Cambridge, MA  02138
  Telephone: (617) 547-7851
  Fax:  (617) 547-7851

  The Irving House
  24 Irving Street
  Cambridge, MA  02138
  Telephone:  (617) 547-4600
  Fax:  (617) 576-2814

  Mary Prentiss Inn        (This is btw. Hvd. Sq. & Porter Sq.)
  6 Prentiss Street
  Cambridge, MA  02140
  Tel:  (617) 661-2929
  Fax:  (617) 661-5989

  A Cambridge House
  2218 Mass. Ave.
  Cambridge, MA  02140
  Tel:  (617) 491-6300
  Fax:  (617) 868-2848

  HOTELS (in Harvard Sq.)
  The Harvard Square Hotel
  110 Mt. Auburn Street
  Cambridge, MA  02138
  Telephone:  (617) 864-5200

  Sheraton Commander Hotel
  16 Garden Street
  Cambridge, MA  02138-3609
  Telephone:  (617) 547-4800
  Fax:  (617) 868-8322

  The Inn at Harvard(Luxury Hotel)
  1201 Massachusetts Avenue
  Harvard Square
  Cambridge, MA  02138
  Telephone:  (617) 491-2222
  Fax:  (617) 491-6520

  Cambridge Marriott      (Kendall/MIT redline stop is the closest
  2 Cambridge Ctr.              T stop.)
  Cambridge, MA
  (617) 494-6600

  The Charles Hotel   (Luxury Hotel)
  One Bennet Square
  Cambridge, MA 02138
  Telephone:  (617) 864-1200
  Fax:  (617) 864-5715

  Also, in Central Square, Cambridge:
  Hotel at MIT
  20 Sidney St., Cambridge
  (617) 577-0200

  Kendall Hotel (located in the center of Kendall Sq., near MIT)
  350 Main St.
  Cambridge, MA  02142
  (617) 354-3600

  in Boston near the Charles/MGH Redline stop:

  Holiday Inn  (FYI:  this is the hotel near the Mass. Gen.,etc.)
  5 Blossom St.
  Telephone:  (617) 742-7630

  John Jeffries House       (This is a bed & breakfast)
  14 Embankment Rd.   (Right at the beginning of Charles St. near station.)
  Boston, MA
  Telephone:  (617) 367-1866

  And, if you need more:
  Boston Park Plaza Hotel    (is a large one so may have some special rates)
  64 Arlington St.
  Boston, MA
  Telephone:  800-225-2008

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