NHK program--Attack of the 4.17 million _furiitaa_

anne mcknight akmck at
Fri Mar 19 22:30:06 EST 2004

I wondered if anyone happened to catch an NHK special that aired around the
first of March, called "The shock of 4.17 furiitaa" (4.17 mannin no
shôgeki). I'm curious if there's any on-line info, and I'm looking for the
exact title of the series it aired in (going through the entire on-line
archive of NHK news has sizable downsides...). It seems to have been the
last week of Feb or first week or March, from the newspaper/magazine press I
have been reading. 

In a related film note, I'm also curious if anyone has any speculations
about interesting/a surge in furiitaa (=free arbeit, occasionally
counter-cultural, more often lately standing reserve of flexible labor for
contract work) characters, especially in indie films. Aoyama Shinji's films
come to mind as an interesting case...

Thanks for any leads.


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