Kitamura to kill off Godzilla

Don Brown the8thsamurai
Tue Mar 2 20:59:54 EST 2004

Looks like this December will be the last chance to behold the big rubber 
lizard - at least for the time being. Toho producer Tomiyama Shogo 
announced yesterday that Kitamura Ryuhei's "Gojira: Final Wars", scheduled 
for a December 11th release, will be the ultimate instalment in the 28 film 

This year marks half a century since the irradiated one first stomped its 
way into movie history in 1954. Several ideas were being thrown about for a 
fitting way to commemorate 50 years on screen, but Toho were unable to come 
up with a new visual concept that would supersede suits or computer 
graphics. Ultimately, the company came to the conclusion that "for now, 
we're unable to create a brand new Godzilla."According to Tomiyama, the 
decision to end the series was made in summer of last year,   

More tellingly, audiences have been decreasing each year since the series 
was revived in 1984, peaking in 1992 with 4.2 million admissions. 

"Gojira: Final Wars" begins shooting in May, and is set to be completed in 


Don Brown

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