OZU RETROSPECTIVE in Cambridge/Boston

Peter Grilli grilli
Thu Mar 11 12:55:35 EST 2004

Alert to all OZU-LOVERS:

I am delighted to announce that the complete OZU RETROSPECTIVE will be
presented at the Harvard Film Archive at Harvard University between April 2
and May 11.  The series is co-sponsored by the Japan Society of Boston,
Harvard Film Archive, and The Reischauer Institute of Japanese Studies at
Harvard University.

This program salutes not only the Centennial of Ozu's birth, but also the
Centennial of the Japan Society of Boston.
Special events included with this wonderful series will include:

April 2, 7:00pm -- Introduction to the series by SUSAN SONTAG  (The films "A
Straightforward Boy"/Tokkan Kozo" and "Tokyo Story/Tokyo Monogatari" will be

April 24, 8:00pm -- "Benshi" Midori Sawato will narrate the film "I Was Born
But/Umarete wa Mita Keredo.."
(Ms. Sawato -- Japan's most renowned "benshi" active today will also appear
at the Music Hall Theater in Portsmouth NH on April 21; at Boston University
on April 22; and at Tufts University on April 23)

May 11, 7:00 -- Director Masahiro Shinoda will speak about his early days as
an young director at Shochiku/Ofuna Studios, during Ozu's last years as the
"god" of the Ofuna studio.  "An Autumn Afternoon/Samma no Aji" will be
screened, starring Shinoda's wife Shima Iwashita in Ozu's last film.
(Mr. Shinoda will also show "Double Suicide/Shinju Ten no Amijima" at the
Harvard Yenching Institute on Friday, May 14, and will speak at the premiere
of his newest film "Spy Sorge" at the Harvard Film Archive on Sunday, May

For full schedule and details:

All are welcome!  I hope many Kine-Japan members will be able to attend many
of the screenings.

Peter Grilli

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