Christine Marran marran
Sat Mar 13 17:29:44 EST 2004

While this may seem tangential, I encourage people to boycott Kentucky 
Fried Chicken.  They are by far the most inhumane U.S. fastfood 
corporation and have made no moves to change their cruel slaughtering 
practices despite complaints from various animal and environmental 
groups.  Any footage you might see of KFC farms would put you off fried 
chicken forever.

Christine Marran

> It appears that Kentucky Fried Chicken is doing a special promotional 
> meal deal--an "Innocence Pack" that comes with a free DVD of 
> "promotional images" from the film as well as trailers for several 
> Studio Ghibli features. Only 980 yen:
> Have any Japan-based members seen the film yet? Comments?
> Michael Arnold
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