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Valerie-Anne Christen wonders what releases and festival screenings are
planned for Oshii Mamoru's "Innocence" abroad. Dreamworks is planning to
release the film in the US this fall. Also, it has been submitted to the
Cannes festival -- no word yet on whether it has been accepted. (So, for
that matter, has another new animation based on a Masamune Shirow manga,
Aramaki Shinji's "Appleseed.")

My review of the film and interview with Oshii will appear in the Japan
Times on Wednesday at

Mark Schilling

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> I've seen it yesterday. I am not particularly an anime freak, and I didn't
understand much of the dialogue - but I was with a Japanese friend who didn'
either ! It seems that it contains much chinese poetry and ancient words.
Though, I am surprisingly still very much impressed by the pictures. Some
scenes are amazingly beautiful - for example a kind of matsuri celebration.
Does anyone know if some releases are already planned abroad ? I would bet
on an international festival first...
> Valerie-Anne Christen
> Tokyo
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