"Devilman" delayed

Don Brown the8thsamurai
Wed Mar 17 22:20:17 EST 2004

Toei announced yesterday that the release of their Nagai Go adaptation 
"Devilman" (dir: Nasu Hiroyuki) has been put back from June 5th to sometime 
this coming autumn. 

According to Toei's press release, shooting began on October 28th of last 
year and finished on January 10th. "Production was scheduled to wrap in 
mid-May, but a decision has been made to carry out 100 cuts worth of 
additional photography for scenes we had not planned on bringing to the 
screen, in order to increase the scale of Devilman's world."

A CG-aided blend of live action and animation, "Devilman" will be the first 
film from production unit T-Visual, a collaborative effort between Toei and 
Toei Animation. Having racked up a reported budget of one billion yen and 
aiming to rake in four billion in box office revenue, the company is 
obviously banking a lot on the film's success. 

A trailer for the movie is currently playing with Oshii Mamoru's latest 
anime "Innocence," and judging by the sub-standard visuals on display 
(certainly inferior when compared to animation sequences in recent video 
games), it's understandable that Toei have decided to go back to the 
drawing board.


Don Brown

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