much ado about puffy

kelly kelly.davis
Sat Oct 23 13:06:24 EDT 2004

that's just crazy talk...
??????????????????????????marketing ????punk.
blue jeans never prevented honorary japanese idolization status either.
ever notice how many girls started wearing jeans in shibuya alone after 
jet hit the charts.

On Saturday, October 23, 2004, at 05:26  PM, ander025 wrote:

> I don't know anything about this anime, but as a pop group, one of the
> distinguishing marks of Puffy is that they ARE NOT an idol band or
> particularly kawaii. They have rather cultivated an "alternative" 
> image of
> sorts. Certainly an anti-glamor, anti-idol look. They generally wear 
> jeans
> and T-shirts or sweatshirts and often look as if they aren't even 
> wearing
> makeup.
> They don't play the "I'm so cute" game, they speak to the press fairly
> directly, and all of their material is written by one very talented 
> writer
> and producer for whom they are his main vehicle (He's quite influenced 
> by
> the Beatles and alternative US pop over the last 15 years).
> Of course, the relation of the Beatles and the Jackson Five to their
> cartoon properties was also pretty remote. It won't be too surprising 
> if
> the same is the case here.
> On 23 Oct 2004, Aaron Gerow wrote:
>> With a six-year old son, I had to learn sooner rather than later, but
>> it seems that the Japanese pop duo Puffy will have their own animated
>> TV show on Cartoon Network in the US starting on November 19. You can
>> already check out some scenes at the show's website:
>> Puffy--or Puffy AmiYumi as they're known in the US--have already
>> contributed the theme song to the CN show Teen Titans. They've 
>> somewhat
>> faded in Japan, but this may be another break. Or will they go the way
>> of Pink Lady?
>> More Japanese cute invading US pop culture, but the animation style
>> looks more Cartoon Network than Japanese anime.
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