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Sun Aug 7 11:50:23 EDT 2005

Good recommendation.

I can only speak to windows, but some technical issues are:
selecting sections of ripped DVD [using dvd-decrypter].... either with 
an editor, or preferably in DVD authoring software.
and "NTSC" vs. "PAL"... the mpeg files have different sizes and frame 
rates, and usually have to be homogenized.

If one of the apple apps lets you do both inside the software, that is 

only speaking of win.... has a very  inexpensive and 
quite powerful dvd authoring tool [DVD-Lab, or pro, $99 or $200],
does the first,
and for a few dollars [30?] you can add on software [dvd source 
creator... haven't used it but should be solid] that will integrate with 
the editor,
and do the NTSC/PAL homogenization.
There is a learning curve, but the manual is good.
Free trials of course.

best of luck,

Stian =%ISO-8859-1?Q?R=F8dven?= Eide wrote:

>>I know there is so-called "ripping" software to extract DVD material and copy it to another DVD, but I don't know which kind is any good, or if such software can extract clips from multiple regions, namely Regions 1 and 2, in NTSC and sometimes PAL, which will all be showable on one DVD.
> At <> you can find a lot of free (as 
> in no charge) Windows tools for extracting video from DVD's. 
> DVD-Decrypter is especially popular.
> If you use a Free (as in Freedom) operating system like GNU/Linux, 
> there is a great program called DVD:Rip (
>>I don't know whether PC or MAC is better for this purpose either.
> Both PC's and MAC's can run a Free operating system. (I recommend 
> Ubuntu GNU/Linux which can be found at 
> <>)
> The doom9 website has only got tools for the Windows operating system, 
> but most of them can also be run on GNU/Linux using WINE (www. 
> <>*wine* <>)
> I know of no such tools specifically for the MAC OS.
> Stian 

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