Edo influences on modern films

Mon Aug 15 18:31:40 EDT 2005

Hello Elkie,

What do you mean by Edo influences?  Are these strictly visual?

If you mean Kabuki, then you might want to look at the Toei jidai-geki of the 
50s and 60s, especially the films of actor Ichikawa Utaemon, and then to 
the "graphics" of the color wide screen yakuza films.

There are also adaptations galore, but not all are presentational.  See 
especially Shinoda Masahiro's _Double Suicide_ and _Buraikan_.

In the sixties and seventies there were a couple of biographies of artists.

If you need more info, I am just finishing up my book on jidai geki and may be 
able to help you especially with the transition of visuals from presentational 
theater to representational film.

Sybil Thornton

Quoting elkie leenen <elkieleenen at hotmail.com>:

> Hello, my name is Elkie Leenen. I'm a dutch student, and currently I
> have a 
> project involving Japanese art. One of the subjects is Japanese cinema.
> I'm 
> trying to find out if there are any artistic influences from the
> Edo-Period 
> which affect modern Japanese cinema. If there aren't any, I want to find
> the 
> main differences between modern cinema and the artistic diciplines from
> the 
> Edo-period.
> Does anyone have answers to this, or maybe any good resources?
> Thank you in advance.

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