Nikkatsu Action line-up for Udine

M Arnold ma_iku at
Mon Feb 21 05:25:45 EST 2005

> >Is "Colt wa Ore no Passport " out on DVD in Japan?
> Not yet.
> Don Brown

I went searching for this on video last week after reading the positive 
comments from Aaron and Markus, but all I could find was one very old rental 
VHS tape that didn't look like it could fulfill my expectations. I'll 
definitely catch it on film when it plays at Laputa. There are quite a few 
Japanese DVDs of other 1960s Nikkatsu films out now though.

I have one non-Nikkatsu video question. Are any of Sakuma Yoshiko's earliest 
Toei films (1958 or 59) out on video? I tried looking for a few of them at 
Tsutaya but the earliest thing I could find was the 1963 Jinsei gekijo with 
Ken-san and Tsuruta Koji.

(I was surprised to notice that the JMDB lists her as appearing in a 1995 
Kobayashi Satoru film, one I actually suffered through in Ueno last week . . 
 but it's actually a different person.)

Michael Arnold 

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