Tapes, DVDs for Nikkatsu Action line-up

mark schilling schill
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Here's the availability status of the films in the Udine Far East Film
Festival's Nikkatsu Action retro. Corrections appreciated!

Note: NO TAPE OR DVD means that neither Nikkatsu nor Tsutaya stock tapes or
DVDs of the title at the moment, as far as I know.Tapes may exist somewhere,

Also, for the NO TAPE films, Nikkatsu made unsubbed tapes especially for my
viewing. These tapes are now in the possession of the Udine festival.

Finally, I found the tape of "Colt wa Ore no Passport" I rented from Shibuya
Tsutaya to be quite viewable.

Mark Schilling
schill at gol.com

1. (DVD) Sabita Knife (Rusty Knife, 1958) dir: Masuda Toshio, cast: Ishihara
Yujiro, Kobayashi
Akira, Shishido Jo
2. (DVD)Akai Hatoba (Red Quay, 1958), dir: Masuda Toshio, cast: Ishihara
Yujiro, Kitahara Mie
3. (DVD) Akai Handkerchief (Red Hankerchief, 1964), dir: Masuda Toshio,
cast: Ishihara
Yujiro,Nitani Hideaki, Asaoka Ruriko

4. (NO TAPE OR DVD) Hayauchi Yaro (Fast Draw Guy, 1961), dir: Nomura
cast: Shishido Jo, Yoshinaga Sayuri
5. (TAPE) Rokudenashi Kagyo (Dirty Work, 1961), dir: Saito Buichi, cast:
Shishido Jo, Nitani Hideaki
6. (TAPE) Colt wa Ore no Passport (A Colt Is My Passport, 1967) dir: Nomura
Takashi, cast: Shishido Jo, Jerry Fujio
7. (NO TAPE OR DVD) Glass no Johnny (Glass Johnny, 1962) dir: Kurahara
cast: Shishido Jo, Ashikawa Izumi, I George

8. (DVD) Daisogen no Wataridori (Wanderer on the Great Plains, 1960), dir:
Buichi, cast: Kobayashi Akira, Shishido Jo, Asaoka Ruriko
9. (SUBBED DVD) Ore ni Sawaru to Abuanai ze (Black Tight Killers, 1966) dir:
Hasebe Yasuharu, cast: Kobayashi Akira, Shishido Jo
10. (NO TAPE OR DVD) Arakure (Roughneck, 1969) dir: Hasebe Yasuharu, cast:
Kobayashi Akira, Fuji Tatsuya,Shishido Jo
11. (SUBBED TAPE) Kurenai no Nagareboshi (Velvet Hustler, 1967), dir: Masuda
Toshio, cast: Watari Tetsuya, Shishido Jo
12. (TAPE) Burai Yori Daikanbu (Gangster VIP, 1968) dir: Masuda Toshio,
cast: Watari

13. (DVD) Kenju Buraicho: Nukiuchi no Ryu (Pistol Diary: Quick Draw Ryu,
1960) dir:
Noguchi Hiroshi, cast: Akagi Keiichiro, Shishido Jo
14. (DVD) Kurenai no Kenju (Red Pistol, 1961) dir: Ushihara Yoichi, cast:

15: (NO TAPE OR DVD) Kyonetsu no Kisetsu (Season of Heat, 1960) dir:
Koreyoshi, cast: Kawachi Tomio

16. (SUBBED DVD) Nora Neko Rock Sex Hunter (Stray Cat Rock -- Sex Hunter,
1970) dir: Hasebe Yasuharu, cast: Kaji Meiko, Fuji Tatsuya

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> > >Is "Colt wa Ore no Passport " out on DVD in Japan?
> >
> > Not yet.
> > Don Brown
> I went searching for this on video last week after reading the positive
> comments from Aaron and Markus, but all I could find was one very old
> VHS tape that didn't look like it could fulfill my expectations. I'll
> definitely catch it on film when it plays at Laputa. There are quite a few
> Japanese DVDs of other 1960s Nikkatsu films out now though.
> I have one non-Nikkatsu video question. Are any of Sakuma Yoshiko's
> Toei films (1958 or 59) out on video? I tried looking for a few of them at
> Tsutaya but the earliest thing I could find was the 1963 Jinsei gekijo
> Ken-san and Tsuruta Koji.
> (I was surprised to notice that the JMDB lists her as appearing in a 1995
> Kobayashi Satoru film, one I actually suffered through in Ueno last week .
>  but it's actually a different person.)
> Michael Arnold

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