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some interesting titles have been released in HK by PANORAMA Entertainment and UNIVERSE: 
(all DVDs feature english subtitels and original aspect ratio)

1.)  Ah-Haru (Waint and see): Shinji Somai (eng. sub.)
2.)  Life is a Journey: Seiichi Tanabe
3.)  Jam Films 2: Various 
4.)  119 (Quiet days of firemen): Naoto Takenaka 
5.)  Tokyo yakyoku (Tokyo Lullaby): Jun Ichikawa   

1.)  Kinpatsu no sogen (Across a gold Prairie): Ishhin Inudo
2.)  Casshern: Kazuaki Kiriya

But "how is the quality" is a major question when Panorama are concerned as they often employ old VHS masters. 
The Jam Films 2 DVD is not 16:9; I don't know why as they could have just duped it from the Japanese release; but as only one of the 4 shorts is even watchable...
The Japanese DVD of the wonderful Across a Gold Prairie has Engish subs, so I've not sampled the HK release, which will interest some as it is a fraction of the price of Japanese release. As for Casshern...

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