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Miles Wood diabolik at netvigator.com
Wed Feb 23 08:54:57 EST 2005


i just checked the JF2 dvd by panorama and it is 16:9 (1.85 widescreen), but not anamorphic. 

In DVD-speak 16:9 = anamorphic. Yes, I know it's letterboxed, but that doesn't explain why they didn't use the Japanese DVD as a source...like the Mainland China bootleg did!

you are right, mostly the HK dvds are in all aspects worse compared to the japanese releases, but they simply cost 1/4 of the region 2 version, in that case
they are quite a good option.

Not when the quality is of many of the Panorama discs. I've had a couple that I switched off after 5 minutes because the quality was sooo bad! Also many Universe discs will freeze up in some players.

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