Problematic Panoramas (was: dvd update)

Fergus MacDermot macdermotfergus
Thu Feb 24 04:46:14 EST 2005

On this site:

They often give warnings about poor subtitles/quality pictures if people 
have complaiend to them.

A couple of early Kurosawa that I got (Ikiru, Step on Tiger's Tail) by a 
distributor called  Mei Ah had dreadful subtitles. The site later posted a 
message warning that many of this company's subtitles were translated in to 
Chinese and then English. So if you can't follow the Japanese too then the 
dialogue is pretty meaningless.


>On Wednesday 23 February 2005 09:20, Stefan Nutz / Nuzumakifilms wrote:
> > the recently released panorama discs are quite good, lets say average.
> > but i cant remember that there was an anamorphic release ever, at least 
>The most problematic Panorama disc I bought was Imamura's "Eijanaika" which
>did not get along well with one of our DVD players (which had issues of its
>own) and has a somewhat iffy transfer.  Nonetheless, I was glad the film at
>all -- and at a relatively low price.
>(some Panorama discs seem to require one to turn subtitles on and off via 
>selections -- and ignore remote-controlled instructions on the topic).
>I have heard that some other discs had worse problems.

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