Lorelei on the PSP

Stefan Nutz / Nuzumakifilms nuzumaki at gmx.net
Wed Jun 1 04:49:51 EDT 2005

i am not sure what to expect of UMDs.- since they will only work on the PSP.
interactivity wont be that big, as there is only room for 1,8GB and the
resolution, at
least the PSP one, is 320x240.
there are already several pages online with shorts and selfmade movies for
the PSP, but
you cant store them on the UMD (as the PSP is no UMD writer) you have to
save the files
onto sony's memory stick.. this shows again how sony operates. just sony
products in sony
technic (compareable with their digi cams).
in america already several movies are announced and out on UMD. i am excitet
if it will work out
or become a flop as the MiniDisc.

stefan nutz

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> A special DVD edition of Toho & Fuji Television's recent submarine fantasy
> hit "Lorelei" will include a bonus UMD disc, the format used by Sony's new
> portable game machine, the PSP. The disc will contain the entire movie, as
> well as game software. This makes Lorelei the first ever Japanese film to
> be released in the UMD format. The DVD set will be released on August
> priced at an exorbitant 8,295 yen.
> Don Brown

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