Lorelei on the PSP

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 The resolution sounds like a problem but if there is way to work around it
(it's 32-bit, right) you can get DiVX/XViD quality on there without a
problem -- that is, if you have greater than 700 mb storage. I don't know
much about the PSP, but playing movies is an incentive to buy one.


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> i am not sure what to expect of UMDs.- since they will only work on the
> interactivity wont be that big, as there is only room for 1,8GB and the
> resolution, at
> least the PSP one, is 320x240.
> there are already several pages online with shorts and selfmade movies for
> the PSP, but
> you cant store them on the UMD (as the PSP is no UMD writer) you have to
> save the files
> onto sony's memory stick.. this shows again how sony operates. just sony
> products in sony
> technic (compareable with their digi cams).
> in america already several movies are announced and out on UMD. i am
> if it will work out
> or become a flop as the MiniDisc.
> stefan nutz

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