query: films with deaf-mute protagonists

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Prof. Smits,

I think the film you are seeking may be 

Na mo naku mazushiku utsukushiku  
(Eng. title: "The Happiness of Us Alone") -- a sentimental but quite moving
love story of a deaf-mute couple.  It was written and directed in 1961 by
Matsuyama Zenzo, and starred his wife Takamine Hideko and Kobayashi Keiju.  
Matsuyama did a sequel 5 or 6 years later called Zoku Na mo naku mazushiku
utsukushiku with the same cast.  I haven't seen the sequel, but the original
film was quite wonderful.

Peter Grilli

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Dear all,

I have only recently joined the list, but here is my first query:

a colleague of mine is trying to trace a b/w Japanese film he once  
saw around 1975.
The film has as its protagonists a boy and girl, both deaf, and  
features, amongst others, a scene in a train, or rather, two trains,  
each of them carrying a protagonist. They communicate through sign  
language, and are obviously not bothered by the deafening roar of the  

Does anyone know which film this may have been?

BTW, Kitano's "Ano natsu, ichiban shizuka na umi" came to mind as  
another film about deaf/deaf-mute protagonists. Are there more  
Japanese films that deal with deaf people?

Best wishes,
     Ivo Smits

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