Documentary Film Showing in Sendai

Hammill Matthew mjh47ronin at
Sun Jun 19 07:43:44 EDT 2005

I'm not sure if anything about this has been posted before, and is probably 
only of interest to other people living in Tohoku like myself, but from 
June 24-28 there will be a showing of several documentary films under the 
auspices of The Yamagata Documentary Film Festival at the Sendai 
Mediatech/City Library building.  
Of special interest to J film fans is the showing of Sato Makoto's "Agano 
ni Ikiru" and "Agano no kiroku".    These films share some things in common 
with the Ogawa Pro documentaries, so Profs Gerow and Nornes probably know 
more about these.  Here is a url, however the information is only in 

Matthew Hammill
kenkyuusei  Tohoku Daigaku Kokusaikenkyuuka

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