Documentary Film Showing in Sendai

Mark Nornes amnornes
Tue Jun 21 13:25:05 EDT 2005

This is a great slate of docs, including the foreign ones (especially 
West of the Tracks, which is worth bringing a pillow to sit straight 
through all 8 hours).

Watching the two Agano films back to back would also be interesting. 
The first one is fairly straightforward, evoking Ogawa and Tsuchimoto. 
The second one is quite experimental, and is all about what has been 
lost and what remains. Contemplative and far more carefully constructed 
that one might think on first viewing.

As an aside, for those who might have read my piece "For an Abusive 
Subtitling," Sato and I collaborated on thoroughly abusive subs for the 
new film. The problem we faced was the fact that he chose not to add 
Japanese subtitles to help most domestic viewers understand the thick 
Niigata dialect. The point was to direct people nearby, not to what 
they were saying necessarily. So how does one subtitle language that 
domestic audiences can hardly understand?  Answer (perhaps): abusively.


On Jun 19, 2005, at 5:43 AM, Hammill Matthew wrote:

> I'm not sure if anything about this has been posted before, and is 
> probably only of interest to other people living in Tohoku like 
> myself, but from June 24-28 there will be a showing of several 
> documentary films under the auspices of The Yamagata Documentary Film 
> Festival at the Sendai Mediatech/City Library building.  Of special 
> interest to J film fans is the showing of Sato Makoto's "Agano ni 
> Ikiru" and "Agano no kiroku".    These films share some things in 
> common with the Ogawa Pro documentaries, so Profs Gerow and Nornes 
> probably know more about these.  Here is a url, however the 
> information is only in Japanese:
> Matthew Hammill
> kenkyuusei  Tohoku Daigaku Kokusaikenkyuuka

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