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> Hi Peter, 
> You may have to search back through your archives to remember me, but I did a
> number of articles a few years ago, on Japanese cinema and documentary.  Since
> then I have been concentrating more on film and television production.
> I wondered if you might be interested in a 3000 worder on the current
> resurgence of interest in Ozu. I am interested in writing about Café Lumiere,
> Hou¹s new film, and how various directors have been interested in ³doing Ozu².
> Can the techniques of the old master by so easily extracted; what are those
> techniques; and have any of the Western filmmakers, who recently voted Tokyo
> Story the best film ever made in a poll, ever been serious about using Ozu¹s
> insights in his own films?
> Best wishes, 
> Gavin 

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>  The angle I am thinking about would like at Hou¹s Café Lumiere
> Tokyo Story came at the top of a critics and directors poll as the best film
> ever made.
> Metro magazine is interested in hearing from academics whose expertise lies in
> the areas of Asian cinema and media. Metro is a partly-refereed journal that
> covers Australian, New Zealand and Asian film and media. We are keen to hear
> from anyone who would be interested in publishing in our magazine.
>  Our word limit is between 2000 to 3000 words, however we are happy to
> consider longer papers up to (5000 words). Metro is published by the
> Australian Teachers of Media (ATOM) which is a non-profit organization. We can
> only offer an honorarium of $250AUD for published articles. For more
> information or to download our style guide see
> <>
>  Metro has been published quarterly since 1966. If you do not know the
> magazine we would be happy to mail a complimentary copy to you.
>  Interested contributors should contact Peter Tapp <tapp at>

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