REMINDER: Film Center Tour

Aaron Gerow gerowaaron
Mon Jun 20 22:56:49 EDT 2005


I will be leading the tour, so want to remind everyone participating of 
a couple of issues:

1) Since we are visiting the facilities both in Sagimahara and 
Kyobashi, the schedule is quite tight, so it is very important that 
everyone arrive on time.

2) The meeting time is 9am tomorrow (June 22) at Hachiko in Shibuya. We 
will be getting on a 9:07 train, so we will leave Hachiko at around 
9:02 (really!). There is little or no room to be late (those who arrive 
early might want to get their tickets beforehand). We will take the 
Den'entoshi Line to Nagatsuda and then switch to the Yokohama Line to 
go to Fuchinohe.

3) Anyone who is late and misses our departure must proceed to 
Sagamihara on his or her own. Go to Fuchinohe and then walk or take a 
taxi to the Film Center Sagamihara Bunkan (Takane 3-1-4). Depending on 
our numbers, we will be split in two and take tours at 10:30 and 11:00. 
If you can't make it to the Film Center by 11:00, don't come.

4) We will return taking a 12:17 train to Yokohama, and then switching 
to the Tokaido Line to Tokyo, arriving at 13:33. People will be on 
their own to eat around Tokyo Station, but there is not much time until 
the 14: 30 screening at the Film Center. Sorry about that, but be 
prepared to eat quickly.

5) It might rain tomorrow--and there will be some walking involved--so 
you might want to bring an umbrella.

6) Please bring change and small bills to make it easier to pay up at 
the end. Remember that you also have to pay for transportation.

7) If you miss the start, DO NOT CALL THE FILM CENTER! If you want to 
contact us, call my keitai: 090-2203-6210.

I look forward to seeing you all tomorrow!

Aaron Gerow
KineJapan owner

Assistant Professor
Film Studies Program/East Asian Languages and Literatures
Yale University

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