Kinema Club V

Aaron Gerow gerowaaron at
Sun Jun 26 11:10:36 EDT 2005

Kinema Club V concluded today with the great talk by Rey Chow, 
finishing up what proved to be a very successful conference. The 
attendance was great, the papers stimulating, and the atmosphere warm 
and friendly. I personally don't think Japan has seen such a great 
Japanese film conference in a long time.

As someone who was not too involved in the planning of this event, I 
was greatly impressed by how well everything went off. The thanks of 
course go to Mitsu and Markus and all those on the planning committee 
who did a great job, taking a lot of time out of their busy schedules 
to ensure this was a success.

This does put a lot of pressure on me, though. The plan now is to do 
Kinema Club VI at Yale next year. I only hope we at Yale can do half as 

Thanks again!

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