New intro and a request :-)

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Shiina Makoto's "Umi Sora Sango no Iitsutae" (The Legend of the Sea, Sky and
Coral, 1992) is not a pearl-diving film, but has some wonderful, unfakey
footage of a young fisherman diving thirty meters, minus tank, to spear
squid. The story is the usual one of a remote island under threat from
developers -- and "discovered" by a single mom and her shy, pre-teen
daughter. I have no idea if it's available on video.

I am also originally from the Cleveland area (Barberton) and will be
visiting the Best Location in the Nation (or the Mistake on the Lake) this

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> Hello everyone.
> I'm really pleased to find this list and I hope I can contribute now and
> then.  I'm a 39-year-old author in Cleveland, Ohio, with a business of
> writing, research and investment and note brokering.
> Well, I guess this is a great place to start.  I was corresponding
> before with Jasper Sharp of Midnight Eye Cinema about the subject of
> pearl diving in Japanese films, as I'm wild about underwater photography
> and adventure in that genre.  I am a little at a loss, because Amazon of
> Japan could not send me certain titles I had been seeking, either on DVD
> or VHS.  So I need to find another source for films like these and others:
> I would appreciate anyone that can offer some advice, sources, copies,
> or whatever.  Looking forward to some replies, so don't let me down! :-)
> Paul Kraly
> Scribes Unlimited

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