fujiwara's organ

Stefan Nutz / Nuzumakifilms nuzumaki at gmx.net
Thu Jun 30 08:40:25 EDT 2005

recently i stumbled over Kei Fujiwara's Organ, which is beside the grotesque
imageries an interesting film to discuss.
when i looked up some details about the film, i was wondering if anybody has
more details why this film
was censored (or even banned) in japan? we all now explicit violence, agony
and blood are no big deals in jap. cinema
of today, but why this censorship with organ?
what happened to Fujiwara, who also appered in Tsukamoto's Denchu kozo no
boken (87), after Organ? there was a sequel announced, which was apparently
filmed too. what did happen to this material? was it ever screened, or

thanks for all suggestions,

stefan nutz

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