Multiplexes in Tokyo

Max M stauffen
Mon Jun 6 15:34:50 EDT 2005

Talking about Toshimaen...I can highly recommend the Biohazard 4D-show. It 
was terribly scary.

For the newest in japanese cinema:

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> Might not be that convenient for you, but United Cinemas
> Toshimaen is the best I've been to in all my years here.
> It's basically brand new (built late last year). Big,
> modern seats, nobody blocking your view, large wide
> screens (even the smallest of the 9 cinemas (93 seats) has
> the same big screen), full digital sound, nicely designed
> interior (sort of like future-retro 60s a la The
> Incredibles), cafe, lobby screens showing trailers, etc.
> All shows after 9pm are 1200 yen and you can buy a
> membership for 1000 yen to see any movie for 1000 yen.
> I sound like I work for the joint, but I don't.
> J
> --- drainer at ?????????
>> I am looking for an American style movie theater in
>> Tokyo -- huge screen,
>> big seats, digital projection, THX, etc...
>> Sometimes such things are necessary.
>> I can't think of a place other than the AMC at
>> Ikspiari, or perhaps Virgin
>> Cinemas at Roppongi Hills (although I have never
>> been there).
>> Any suggestions?
>> Tokyo 23-ku or western Chiba would be best, as
>> Yokohama is a bit far.
>> Cordially,
>> -df

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