Hayashi Yumika

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Pink fans might best remember Yumika as playing the lead in Shinji Imaoka's
Obento/Lunchbox, which was released on DVD in UK earlier this year, and also
made it outside of the pink circuit into Tokyo's Eurospace theatre last year
under the title of Tamamono. She also appeared in Mitsuru Meike's last
movie, and was a familiar face around the Kokuei office and various pink
special events, including compere-ing the P1 Competition run by PG magazine.
Aside from enternally youthful good looks, she brought a real sense of charm
and style to all her appearances, and more than that, she was a genuinely
strong actress. This is really sad news. She will be sorely missed.

Jasper Sharp

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> Pink eiga fans may be shocked to hear that the pink film actress
> Hayashi Yumika was found dead in her apartment on the 28th. She was
> only 35. Some of the evening papers, which treated this as front page
> news, said she had choked on her own vomit.
> Hayashi appeared in a number of non-adult films as well as over 400
> pink films and AV videos, including a number of award winning works,
> for which she sometimes won the award. The documentary Yumika made by
> Hirano Katsuyuki was well received and opened in theaters.
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