Hayashi Yumika

Aaron Gerow gerowaaron
Thu Jun 30 19:32:22 EDT 2005

> Is the documentary about Hayashi Yumika or made by her? Any links or 
> info?

As I said, it is made by Hirano Katsuyuki and it is considered the 
first of his Hokkaido Trilogy. The second work, Nagaremono zukan, is 
also AV, while The White, which won an award at the Yamagata 
Documentary Film Festival. All feature Hirano biking to Hokkaido, but 
Yumika has him going off with Hayashi Yumika--even through Hirano is 
married. (The White has him doing the crazy thing of biking to Hokkaido 
in the dead of winter.)

Since Yumika played around Japan, there are some Japanese links 


Hirano wrote a book based on the experience of making the film.

The film was available on video, but I think it's now out of print.

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