The Search for Japanese Film Internships (E & J)

David Karasick karasda
Fri Mar 25 15:34:32 EST 2005

Hello KineJapan persons!

	I did my self-introduction a week ago or so, though for those who  
don't know me I'm a filmmaker at Earlham College, doing promo work for  
my institution as well publishing my own independent works.

Currently, I'm looking for internships in Japan that can be extended to  
film-interested students.
I already have skills with DV cameras, general filmmaking equipment,  
and Final Cut Pro Editing systems.
I am also doing in-depth studies of Japanese, Asian, and general cinema  
at large.

If anyone in the KineJapan eMail list has any ideas on how I can use my  
skills over the summer in Japan, or how I can learn more about any type  
of Japanese media, I am making plans to be in Japan from June to August  

Your assistance on finding film-related things to do in Japan would be  

Thank you very much!
		David Karasick

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