Kinema Club V Accomodation

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Wed May 25 08:56:49 EDT 2005

Mark-san and other participants,
My favorite site is (Tabi-mado we call it, it's become part
of the Rakuten family). Good for both business and leisure purposes.
I haven't tried the English search engine, but here's the English version:
If you find a room under 9,000 yen on a twin-sharing basis, it should be a
good enough deal.

Junko Tanaka
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> This one is for everyone, not simply those going to Kinema Club V in
> We are getting inquiries about hotels in Tokyo. Everyone is on their
> own, and we
> don't have many recommendations. I'll bet people do on the list.
> Does anyone have recommendations for places to stay in Tokyo? The main
> for the conference are Ochanomizu, Akasaka, and Shinjuku.
> Please drop a line if you have good info!
> Markus

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