Kinema Club V Accomodation

Eija Margit Niskanen emniskanen
Wed May 25 05:40:00 EDT 2005

My landlady sometimes rents out the downstairs apartment for short 
stays. The place is in Koenji on Chuo line. It is yen 3000 per night 
per person. Her fax and tel is 03-3339-0881, and her name is Hirasawa 
Tomoko. She does not speak English, but Finnish and of course Japanese 
is OK. :)

On May 25, 2005, at 12:32 PM, amnornes at wrote:

> This one is for everyone, not simply those going to Kinema Club V in 
> Tokyo.
> We are getting inquiries about hotels in Tokyo. Everyone is on their 
> own, and we
> don't have many recommendations. I'll bet people do on the list.
> Does anyone have recommendations for places to stay in Tokyo? The main 
> venues
> for the conference are Ochanomizu, Akasaka, and Shinjuku.
> Please drop a line if you have good info!
> Markus

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