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John Winter john_winter_2005
Thu May 19 12:10:05 EDT 2005

New opera / film / theatre collective
Paul Murphy is interested in forming a group dedicated to formulating resistances to the commercial functioning
of art while still seeking to exist in a commercial

Seeks anyone with enthusiasm but not necessarily skill or experience (although anyone with experience of acting, technical support roles, writing, screenplaywriting, composers, conductors,
performers etc. are welcome) ? anyone really who wants to think about theatre/film/opera,
have fun and enjoyment.

Paul's interests are in radical kitschy attempts to question the basis of commodity production but also likes Wagner, Brecht, the Beatles, Box Car Willie and Bob Hope. This includes criss-crossing genres and anything at all really,
including porn, musicals, comedies, the more bizarre, weird and basically mad the better; the more Post-Modern the better.

Clitophon at

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