Japanese movies on Japanese TV

Seiichi Tanaka maverickseiichi
Sun May 22 01:51:59 EDT 2005

Dear  members

My name is Seiichi Tanaka, and this is first time to send my message to
KineJapan mailing list.

I am working for Nikkatsu, and I belong to the satellite broadcasting
depertment which is in charge of  "Chanel Neco" .
I am in promoting section  and in charge of broadcasting 40 Seijyun's film,
from his first film "Shori Wo Wagateni Minatono Kanpai" to his last film in
Nikkatsu "Koroshi No Rakuin".
This project continues till next Jauary.
As Jason Gray mentioned, we produced an original content about Seijyun, and
we plan  to keep producing this kind of  content during this project.

I am very glad to find some messages about  "Chanel Neco"  and Seijyun
project on KineJapan mailing list.

"Chanel Neco"  is one of pay TV channels that Nikkatsu runs. You can watch
it on SkyperfecTV or any local cable TV in Japan.

Seiichi Tanaka
maverickseiichi at k6.dion.ne.jp
seiichitanaka at nikkatsu.co.jp

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  Through which provider/system have you got these channels? Did you have to
buy a satellite dish? How much do you pay per month?
  Eija from Tokyo

  On May 19, 2005, at 11:13 AM, Jason Gray wrote:

    This month Channel Neco has started its run of 40 Suzuki
    Seijun films to celebrate the 50th year since the
    director's debut. They've produced a decent 15m extended
    adumentary that covers his career with soundbites from
    actors such as Shishido Jo, key crew members, critic
    Osugi-chan (ugh) and the man himself, with clips from the
    upcoming "Operetta Tanuki Goten" (Princess Raccoon). They
    aired "Koroshiya Rakuin" (Branded to Kill) today. It still
    holds up! (an understatment)



    Daniel, you may be interested in subscribing to the Nihon
    Eiga Senmon Channeru, which exclusively airs Japanese
    films. You can get it through JCom and probably other
    providers. They're currently running a 3-month Okamoto
    Kihachi retro.


    In the photo he looks like Sam Peckinpah. Or was it
    Peckinpah that aped him?


    --- daniel gerber <buntesteine at web.de> ????????

      Good morning everybody,

      this is only for those of you, who live in Japan.

      Maybe everybody knew and I am the last to discover,
      but: Did you know, that "Chanel Neco" has Japanese
      movies nearly every day in its programme? And not
      only boring stuff but really good films too! I
      espacially can recommend the sunday road show with
      movies like "Senjou no Merry Christmas" or "Tengoku
      ni ichiban chikai shima". Than they have a series
      called "Shin Nikkatsu" and other stuff. Sometimes
      they have specials on a director like this month on
      Suzuki Seijun. Besides the Japanese they show some
      other Asian movies. Have a look at the website:

      Cheers, Daniel.

      Coordinator for International Relations, Ueno Village


      Daniel Gerber
      395-1 Aza-Ueno, Ueno-son, Miyako, Okinawa, 906-0295,


      Tel: 0081-(0)980-76-3184
      Fax: 0081-(0)980-76-6048


      Mit WEB.DE FreePhone mit hoechster Qualitaet ab 0
      weltweit telefonieren!

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