Kinema Club V Accomodation

Silvia Groniewicz Silvia.Groniewicz
Wed May 25 10:47:47 EDT 2005


Here are a view "cheap" accomodations. The quality might not exactly be top 
in some cases, but if it saves money :)

Youth Hostels (Even though they are called that, everyone can stay. Most 
times YH Members get a cheaper price, it's rare not to be allowed to stay 
without a membership. You can become a member at every Youth Hostel. 
Depending on the length of your stay it might be worth it.)

Yoyogi Youth Hostel
Very clean single rooms. It's next to Yoyogi Koen in walking distance to 
Shinjuku and Harajuku but also with a Subway station close by for those 
that prefer to take a train. Maximum 3-day stay. It's possible to move in 
again after a day somewhere else.
Price: 3000 Yen for members, 4000 Yen for non-members.

Tokyo International Youth Hostel
One minute from Iidabashi station but has only dormitory rooms as far as I 
know. 3500 Yen per night. Breakfast and Dinner available at extra cost.

Skycourt Koiwa
Next to Keisei Koiwa Station. Price is 4725 Yen but you get a single room 
with private bathroom and toilet. Breakfast is available at extra cost.

Business Hotels

I only know one that is really "cheap". It's called the Shinjuku Business 
Hotel ( and is close to the train 
station. It had different areas for women and men. One night in a single 
room costs 4200Yen, a twin room costs only 6600 Yen. Never stayed there but 
it's has an unbeatable price for the location.


Most cheap pensions are a little bit outside of the Yamanote-line. Here are 
a few that I know off.

Taito Ryokan
Located in Asakusa with different train stations in walking distance. Price 
is 3000 Yen per night but you might be asked to share a room with someone 
if you stay there alone. Last time I asked I would have had to share a room 
with 4 other people and decided against it. Location and ambience are good 

Juyoh Hotel
Price 3200Yen/night in a single room or 6400 Yen/night for a twin room. 
Rooms are small but clean. Free internet in the lobby, you can even connect 
your laptop to the internet there. Closest Station is Minami-senju which is 
a few stops from Ueno.

Hoteiya and Ebisuya
Hoteiya is a tiny hotel with tiny, but clean (some smelling after 
cigarettes) rooms. If you have the choice take the Japanese style rooms or 
you won't be able to move at all with your luggage blocking the bit of 
floor you have. Price is 2500Yen/night.
Ebisuya is the dormitory upstairs of the hotel rooms. It also has rooms for 
two which cost an unbeatable 3500Yen/night.
Location is a 10-minute walk from Minami-senju station (maybe faster if you 
hurry). It's next to a koban which gives an additional feeling of savety 
which is necessary in and around Minami-senju. At night a lot of homeless 
sleep on the street. I was never pestered there though so it might be safer 
than it looks.

There are a lot of cheap and very cheap hotels around Juyoh Hotel and 
Hoteiya. Some even cheaper than Hoteiya. Most of them are man only business 
hotel like things that don't look very reassuring. Some might actually look 
better inside than outside so if you're looking for something really cheap 
just follow the road that leads to Hoteiya and check out what you find there.

Maybe those insights from a budget travellers point of view might help :)


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