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Joseph Murphy urj7
Wed May 25 21:20:03 EDT 2005

Dear KineJapan Members,
Amid all the excitement about the Kinema Club V conference, I hesitate 
to mention it, but we are holding the second in a series of workshops 
on Natsume Soseki's Bungakuron (Theory of Literature, 1907) in Miami, 
June 6, 2005.  It's sort of tangential, but it's not a bad line-up, 
there are a number of Kinema Club participants, and one of the lines of 
inquiry is whether there is not a media theory implicit in Soseki's 
cognitive framework.  If you happen to be in south Florida, by all 
means drop in.  The event is free and open to the public. I've included 
an announcement below.
Joe Murphy

Dear H-Japan Subscribers:

The University of Florida would like to announce an upcoming workshop 
on Natsume Soseki's _Bungakuron_ (Theory of Literature, 1907) that may 
be of interest.  The workshop will be held at the FIU-Wolfsonian 
Museum, 1001 Washington Ave., Miami Beach FL 33139, on June 6th, from 
9:00-3:00, and the topic will be the relation of Soseki's Theory to 
psychology and the natural sciences

This is the 2nd installment of a series of three workshops assessing 
and exploring the contribution of Soseki's _Theory_ from different 
disciplinary perspectives. The first was held March 14, 2005 at UCLA's 
Center for Japanese Studies and focused on the _Bungakuron_ from the 
perspective of social science and social theories.  The 2nd is on the 
relation of Soseki's Theory to psychology and the natural sciences.  
The third workshop is tentatively scheduled for March 2006 at Princeton 
University and will focus on _Bungakuron_ from the perspectives of 
aesthetic and literary theories.

The June 6 workshop will feature working papers in the morning and 
discussion in the afternoon:
9:00-11:30:  Working Papers
	Michael Bourdaghs (UCLA) on the problem of property in William James 
and Soseki
	Thomas Lamarre (Cornell) on the problem of pure experience
	Joseph Murphy (UF) on the relation to cognitive psychology and 
	Masumitsu Keiko (Toyo Gakuen Daigaku) on the problem of consciousness 
in William James and Soseki

1:00-3:00	Discussion will be chaired by Atsuko Ueda (Princeton), and 
feature responses by
	Komori Yoichi of Tokyo University and
	Norman Holland of the University of Florida.

This event is free and open to the public.  If you are interested in 
attending, or would like directions to the Wolfsonian, or information 
about hotels and transportation in South Beach please contact the 
workshop organizer, Joseph Murphy <urj7 at ufl.edu>.

Joseph Murphy

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