Beat Takeshi vs. Takeshi Kitano

William Gardner wgardne1
Mon May 30 15:49:59 EDT 2005

Hello everyone,

I?m writing with the good news that at LONG last the translation of Casio
Abe?s film criticism on Kitano Takeshi/Beat Takeshi is available!

Beat Takeshi vs. Takeshi Kitano
By Casio Abe
Muae Publishing/Kaya Press
ISBN: 1885030401

The book consists of a complete translation of Casio Abe?s (aka Abe Kash?)
1994 book Kitano Takeshi vs. Beat Takeshi (Chikuma Shobo), plus additional
articles on Fireworks, Getting Any?, Kids Return, Kikujiro, Brother, and
Dolls. It also features a foreword by Daisuke Miyao and a translator?s
afterword by yours truly.

If you?re interested in ordering it, the book shows up on, but
the publisher suggests you order directly through her, and is offering a 10%
Kinejapan discount. I?m pasting in her e-mail on the subject below.

Will Gardner

E-mail from Sunyoung Lee of Kaya Press:

the best way to order the book would be through me. people should send a
check to:

kaya press
c/o sunyoung lee
2121 james m. wood blvd #423
los angeles, ca 90006
(the apartment number must be included! otherwise i don't get the mail...)

for members of the kinejapan list -- or for those who mention you or the
list -- i'll give a 10% discount.

shipping and handling is $3 for the first book, and $1 for every
additional book.

with the 10% discount, that comes out to $23.25.

this is probably the most reliable way to get the book.

  people who want to
use credit cards can order through DAP, our distributor. their website
address is, and the phone number is 800 338-2665. (the
website doesn't yet say the book is available, but it is. i'm trying to
get the website updated asap.)

people with questions can also always email me -- sunyounl at

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