Japanese musicals?

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One of the best books on Japanese musicals, as far as I know, is Utaeba 
Tengoku: Nippon Kayo Delux (2 volumes: Ten no maki and Chi no maki) 
published by Media Factory in 1999, which includes articles and interviews. 
I think they are out of print, but could be found through internet used 
bookstores. I hope this information is helpful.

Ayako Saito
Meiji Gakuin University
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  My colleague Roger Garcia of the Udine Far East Film festival is curating 
a section for next year's edition on Asian musicals, primarily from the 
1950s and 1960s. I'm helping him with Japan by screening the films of the 
usual suspects (Takamine Mieko, Takamine Hideko, Misora Hibari, Kayama Yuzo, 
The Crazy Cats, Frankie Sakai, Ishihara Yujiro, etc.), but I'm wondering if 
there are any good books or articles out there, in Japanese or English, I 
should be mining. There is plenty of writing on music in Japanese films, but 
I'm more interested in the musical genre per se, or rather the local 
interpretation of it.

  Mark Schilling
  schill at gol.com
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