Japanese musicals?

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Izumu Marou's book Chambara Queen (Pandora/Gendai Shokan, 2002) is a in 
interesting and refreshing take on the 1950s chanbara films of Misora 
Hibari and others as camp.

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On 2005/11/22, at 0:22, mark schilling wrote:

> My colleague Roger Garcia of the Udine Far East Film festival is 
> curating a section for next year's edition on Asian musicals, 
> primarily?from the 1950s and 1960s.?I'm helping him with Japan by 
> screening the films?of the usual suspects (Takamine Mieko, Takamine 
> Hideko, Misora Hibari, Kayama Yuzo,?The Crazy Cats, Frankie Sakai, 
> Ishihara Yujiro, etc.),?but I'm wondering if there are any good books 
> or articles out there, in Japanese or English,?I should be 
> mining.?There is plenty of writing on music?in Japanese films, but I'm 
> more interested in the musical genre per se, or rather the local 
> interpretation of it.
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> Mark Schilling
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