Miike in Masters of Horror

Don Brown the8thsamurai
Tue Nov 1 21:11:41 EST 2005

>There is another Miike-related horror title out in the U.S. now--a 
>Hong Kong/Japan/South Korea co-production called Three... Extremes. 
>It doesn't look like it's come to Japan yet. 

Actually it has, under the title of "Utsukushii Yoru, Zankoku na Asa" and 
is already available on DVD. Haven't seen it yet though. It seemed to get 
more attention here for the presence of increasingly popular South Korean 
actor Lee Byung-hun, rather than for Miike's involvement.

>There's also a new Kurosawa Kiyoshi horror film in the works, called 
>Loft (Shi no otome). I'm not sure if this is even finished yet, but 
>the Korean company Mirovision has a trailer and some info up on 
>their web site.

Perhaps Jason Gray can fill us in on what's happening with this one? I 
don't know if "Loft" is supposed to be Kurosawa's entry for the J-Horror 
Theater series, as the official homepage is only plugging Shimizu Takashi's 
"Rinne" at the moment.

Don Brown

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